Hey there! Welcome!  My name’s Tom, pleased to meet you.  One day, when I was sixteen, I contracted this pretty serious virus in a dark room. It was the day I saw my first black & white photograph come to life; two remarkable elderly gentlemen playing chess at a little sun-soaked bistro table, magically appeared from a bath of chemicals. The infection was instant and to this day the effects still lingerThe tingles down my spine, the goosebumps, the rush to the head … they’re all re-occurring symptoms nowadays when I’m proud of how my pictures turned out. I’m sure you’ll understand that I never went to see a doctor about my condition. Instead, I have self-diagnosed and have come to the conclusion that I have a genuine case of “Passion”. Since that first outbreak in that dark room in Ghent, I’ve become ever more passionate about fine arts photography. 

Well_come to my website, I hope you enjoy my work. If you think we could merge our interests, allow me to turn your passion into a piece of fine art. 

Holy greetings from Holy Shot!